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Activation (of Products): Giving classes and users access to licensed content in the system.

Administrator: For the purposes of this guide, Administrator is the person who has primary responsibility for the system setup.

CSV: Comma Separated Value, the standard file format for import templates.

Delta: Values that have changed (added, deleted, edited) in a database since the last time you uploaded a file.

HMOF/MyHRW: Holt McDougal Online, content platform for most 6–12 programs.

Identity Providers: An online service or website that authenticates users on the Internet by means of security tokens (e.g., SAML 2.0).

Import: The process by which district or school data is ingested and processed in the HMH platforms. Roster documents (CSV-formatted spreadsheets) are imported into the platforms and then are visible as class and student data.

Licensing: The process of activating licenses. A license activation is required for each enrollment of each SAM Suite program (a student enrolled in three programs needs one active license for each program). Licenses may be activated manually upon installation.

Mobility: Users (particularly students) moving from one school location to another, or in and out of district.

Rostering: Generally refers to putting User and Class information into the systems.

SAM: Student Achievement Manager; the content platform for READ 180 Universal, English 3D, and all SAM Suite programs.

SAM Central: The content platform for SAM Suite programs iRead, MATH 180, and Math Inventory.

SFF: Simple File Format.

SFTP: Secure File Transfer Protocol.

Single Sign-On (SSO): The technical solution that allows users to enter a single password to enter multiple applications.

SIS: Student Information System.

Snapshot: A single full picture of the SIS database as it stands at a moment in time.

TC: ThinkCentral, content platform for most K–6 programs.

Technical Contact: The name listed in HMH records as the recipient for license activation emails and other system-related information.

Traditional Format: The method and templates used for importing Rosters in previous years by HMH.

User Interface (UI): The way a person interacts with a device. The UI includes such things as screen menus, buttons, icons, keyboard shortcuts, mouse and gesture movements, online help, etc.

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