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These program-based Getting Started courses will address student and teacher components, teaching with the program, and planning your first weeks of instruction. Learn more about our Professional Services.

AGA 2015
AGA CA 2015
AGA TX 2015
HMH AGA 2018
¡Avancemos! 2013
¡Avancemos! 2018
¡Avancemos! TX 2018
Bien dit!®
Bien Dit 2013®
Bien dit! 2018®
Bien dit! TX 2018®
Big Day for PreK™
Big Day for PreK™
Collections 2015
Collections CA 2017
Collections 2017
Collections CA Leadership
Discovering French Today!
Discover French Today! 2013
Do The Math
Do The Math® 2017
Do The Math® 2008
Earth Science
Earth Science 2010
English 3D®
English 3D
Escalate English™
Escalate English 2017
Escalate English 2017 CA
Fraction Nation
Fraction Nation
GO Math!®
GO Math! 2015 Gr K-6
GO Math! 2016 Gr K-6 CA
GO Math! 2016 Gr K-6
GO Math! 2015 Gr K-6 TX
GO Math 2014 Gr 6-8
GO Math! 2015 Gr 6-8 TX
GO Math! 2014 Gr 6-8 CA
GO Math! 2016 Gr 6-8
GO Math 6-8 2018
Getting Started with GO Math 2012 FL
Getting Started with Florida GO Math! 2015 MAFS
Holt McDougal Literature
HMD Literature 2012
Inside the Text
Inside the Text (Collections)
Integrated Mathematics 123
Integrated Mathematics 123 2015
HMH Integrated 2018
Journeys 2011 TX
Journeys 2012
Journeys 2017
Journeys 2017 Balanced Literacy
Journeys 2017 CA
Journeys Common Core 2014
Continuum Benchmark
HMH Journeys Literacy Workshop
Kids Discover Social Studies
Kids Discover Social Studies
Literacy by Design® © 2013
Literacy By Design 2013
MATH 180®
MATH 180
Math Expressions
Math Expressions 2013
Math Expressions 2014 CA
Personal Math Trainer with Math Expressions
Getting Started with Math Expressions 2018
Math Inventory
Student Webinar OnDemand
Oklahoma Math
Oklahoma Math K-5 2019
On Our Way to English®
On Our Way to English 2014
Personal Math Trainer (PMT)
Personal Math Trainer with Math Expressions
Phonics Inventory
Student Webinar OnDemand
READ 180®
READ 180 Next Generation
READ 180 Universal
READ 180–System 44 Mixed Model
Integrating System 44 With READ 180 Universal CA
READ 180 NG and System 44 NG - Getting Started for Leaders
Reading Counts!
Reading Counts!
Reading Inventory™
Reading Inventory
Reading Inventory With Independent Reading Libraries
Reading Inventory With Journeys
Reading Inventory With Collections
Student Webinar OnDemand
Saxon Mathematics
Saxon Math Primary (K-3)
Saxon Math Intermediate (3-5)
Saxon Math 6–8
Oklahoma Saxon Math Primary (K-3)
Oklahoma Saxon Math Intermediate (3-5)
Saxon Phonics & Spelling
Saxon Phonics & Spelling
HMH Science
HMH Florida Environmental Science
HMH Georgia Science Combo
HMH Tennessee Science K–5
HMH Tennessee Science 6-8
HMH Tennessee Science Combo
HMH Florida Science Grades K–5
HMH Florida Science Grades 6–8
HMH Florida Science HS Combo
HMH Georgia Science K-5
HMH Georgia Science 6-8
ScienceFusion 2015 Gr K-6 TX
ScienceFusion 2017 Gr K–5
ScienceFusion 2017 Gr 6-8
ScienceFusion 2015 Gr 6-8 TX
ScienceFusion 2015 Gr K–8 OH
ScienceFusion 2012 K-5
ScienceFusion 2012 6-8
Science High School (HS) Combo

(Bio, Chem, Phy)

Science HS Combo ©2017
Science HS Combo 2012-2013
Senderos 2014
Soar to Success Reading
Soar to Success Reading
HMH Social Studies
Harcourt Social Studies 2010
HMH Social Studies Florida, Grades 8, 10, and 11
Summer Success Math
Getting Started with Summer Success Math
Summer Success Reading
Getting Started Summer Success Reading
System 44 Next Generation
System 44 Next Generation Upgrade Webinar OnDemand
READ 180–System 44 Mixed Model
Integrating System 44 With READ 180 Universal CA
READ 180 NG and System 44 NG - Getting Started for Leaders
Transition to Algebra
Transition to Algebra
Write Source®
WriteSource Primary
WriteSource Secondary

HMH Professional Services: Our Mission Is to Advance Yours

Our experts work alongside your district leaders to establish a strong start to every program, maintain momentum, and ensure that all teachers and students are progressing toward their goals. We offer more comprehensive online and in-person Getting Started courses, Follow-Up courses, and Individual and Team Coaching to build expertise with program content, strategies, and technology.

Call our professional learning consultants to learn more: 888.918.6158.

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