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Planning for Rostering

In order to serve our varied customers, HMH has a wide variety of rostering options to choose from.

For 2020, HMH has created a new self-service Import Management wizard to better assist you with a simple and straightforward interface to make your rostering experience as smooth as possible.

HMH is also excited to announce our partnership with ClassLink to assist with your rostering needs. As part of this partnership, ClassLink Roster Server Lite is offered free of charge to all HMH customers through the 2021/2022 school year. Learn more here.

If you’re not sure which platform your HMH program uses, visit the program to platform correlation chart in Online Help.

If you do not see your platforms listed below, visit Platforms to access the online help resources associated with those platforms.

CORE Platforms (ThinkCentral | Holt McDougal Online | Ed: Your Friend in Learning)


New to HMH?

If this is your first time rostering products on the HMH Core platforms (Ed: YFIL, MyHRW, ThinkCentral) or you would just like a walkthrough of the latest updates, start by viewing this video.


Getting Started

The first steps to ensure successful rostering for the new school year is to confirm that you have a school or district admin account, located in your welcome letter.

You can download the New Year Rollover Checklist Here

For any questions not found in this guide, please visit Online Help


Determine the Best Rostering Path for Your District or School

HMH Has several rostering options to choose from, depending on your needs.

You can also view a video walkthrough of our Self-Service Wizard here.

Self-Service OneRoster API
Self-Service OneRoster .CSV
Simple File Format (SFF)
Alternate Rostering Methods


Single Sign-On Considerations

Through our partnership with ClassLink and our Self-Service Import Management options, HMH supports most SSO configurations for our curriculum products.

We are continuously adding additional SSO choices to our Self-Service options. Please visit Online Help for updated details on current SSO availability.

You can also contact our Technical Support rostering team at 800-323-9239, option #3, or email us at


Activate Content

  • ThinkCentral Auto Select Setting: ThinkCentral can auto-assign all free play on grade content when creating classes.
  • Holt McDougal Online Admin and Teacher Tools: Holt McDougal Online can assign content to classes/users that is simple, quick and easy.
  • Ed: Your Friend in Learning has Teacher Tools to help assign content for your classes.


Can't find what you need?

If you can’t find what you need or something isn’t working, visit our Import Management Online Help or contact our dedicated Technical Support Rostering team by calling 800.323.9239 option #3 (Hours of Operation 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET M-F).

Or you can email us at:

Intervention Platforms (SAM | TEACHER CENTRAL | SAM CENTRAL)


Log In to SAM Using Your Administrator Account


Set Up Your Administrator Profile


Set Up Your Schools


Choose Your Rostering Method


Enroll Students and Manage Teacher Access


Enabling Teacher Central | SAM Central | Next Generation Dashboards


Need More Help?

Both CORE and Intervention Platforms


If you are currently rostering both CORE platforms (Ed: YFIL, MyHRW, and/or ThinkCentral) and SAM through an API connection, please contact the Technical Support rostering team at 800-323-9239, option #3, or email us at for assistance.

If you are a new customer and are using programs on both CORE platforms (Ed: YFIL, MyHRW, and/or ThinkCentral) and SAM and would like to set up an API connection that can roster all of your platforms at once, ClassLink can help. You can contact our Technical Support rostering team at 800-323-9239, option #3, or email us at for more information.

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