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Planning for Rostering

We’ve introduced new planning resources, rostering tools, and step-by-step instructions to help you enroll students in our programs. To get started, select the associated platform for the programs you use.

Not sure which platform is compatible with your program? Visit the program to platform correlation chart in the Online Help Center.

If you do not see your platforms listed below, visit Platforms to access the online help resources associated with each platform.

ThinkCentral | Holt McDougal Online | Ed: Your Friend in Learning


Review Our Complete Roster and Activation Preparation Guide

New and returning customers should read the 2017 guide to learn and take advantage of all the new features for this back to school season.

Access the 2017 Roster and Activation Preparation Guide


Determine which rostering path will work best for your district or school

You can roster students and classes by importing files, using one of three formats, or manually entering data into the system. Districts or schools send HMH .csv files formatted to match templates for importing into systems.

The three formats are:

Simple File Format (SFF)
OneRoster 1.0 .csv

Manual Rostering via User Interface



Authentication Planning

HMH supports SSO for our core curriculum products. ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) and Stoneware (both via SAML 2.0) are the SSO solutions that are currently compatible with our systems for Students, Teachers and Administrators. Additional protocols may be added during the school year so, if you want to plan ahead, we suggest using a username that is globally unique for alignment with potential future providers.

More information about SSO can be found in Online Help. To use SSO with HMH systems, please contact your Account Executive.

If you use an SSO solution that is not listed, please contact your Account Executive about your implementation needs.


Activate Content

  • ThinkCentral Auto Select Setting: ThinkCentral has a new feature for auto-assigning all free play on grade content when creating classes.
  • Holt McDougal Online Admin and Teacher Tools: Holt McDougal Online has new ways to assign content to classes/users that are simple, quick and easy.


Can't find what you need?

If you can’t find what you need or something isn’t working, please contact our dedicated Technical Support Rostering team by calling 800.323.9239 and selecting the “rostering” option (Hours of Operation 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET M-F).

Or you can email us at:



Log In to SAM Using Your Administrator Account


Set Up Your Administrator Profile


Set Up Your Schools


Set Up Your Classes Manually or Via CSV Import


Set Up Your Teacher and Student Imports


Add Students


Enroll Students and Manage Teacher Access


Add Licenses


Need More Help?

Need More Help?

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