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In preparation for Back to School 2017, the HMH Technical Services team will host a series of live webinars. During these Office Hours webinars, our technical experts will share best practices, lessons learned and answer questions you may have as you prepare and implement your Back to School technology plan.

End of Year

End of Year Best Practices (ThinkCentral & Holt McDougal Online)
End of Year Best Practices (SAM)


Advanced Topics in Rostering: Mechanics of Rostering & Error Reporting
Understanding the SAM Digital Ecosystem
Rostering and Enrollment for HMH SAM-based Products
Getting Started with Rostering and Product Allocation in Think Central, Holt McDougal Online & Ed)
Advanced Topics in Rostering: SSO, OneRoster, and Account Linking in Think Central, Holt McDougal Online & Ed

Project Management

Project Management Practices to Help Prepare for Back to School

HMH Teacher Central

HMH Teacher Central 101 for HMH Intervention Products

Data Analytics

Using Dashboards with HMH Next Generation
Using Program Data to Drive Your Implementation

Monthly Intervention Ed Tech Webinars

New Updates, Outstanding Technical Issues, and Q&A Session

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