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To assist you with Back to School 2020, the HMH team has a series of live and recorded webinars to assist you. In these webinars, our technical experts share best-practices, lessons learned, and answer questions from districts around the country to help you prepare and implement your Back to School technology plan.

Rostering for Core Products (on Ed, ThinkCentral and HRW Platforms)

For Ed: the HMH Learning Platform (Into Math, Into AGA, Into Literature, Into Reading, Math in Focus, and Science Dimensions)

Into AGA
Into Literature
Into Math
Into Reading
Math in Focus
Science Dimensions

For My HRW (Math 6–12, AGA 6–12, and Collections)

For ThinkCentral (GO Math! K–6, Journeys, and ScienceFusion K–8)

Rostering for HMH Intervention Programs (Basic)

End of Year Best Practices for Your HMH Intervention Programs

Advanced Rostering Webinars (Technical Needs)

Is your District Using Google Classroom? Include HMH Resources in Your Lessons
How to Implement HMH Common Cartridge Content in Your District

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