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End of Year Rostering Best Practices

Successful rostering for the 2019-2020 school year starts at the end of the 2018-2019 school year and a plan for how you will handle your rostering data. The HMH technical team is here to help with suggestions, checklists and guidance for how to take steps at the end of this school year that will make rostering next year as easy as possible.

End of Year Best Practices: ThinkCentral, Holt McDougal Online, & Ed: Your Friend in Learning

Plan a Schedule
Communication with System Users
Storing or Purging Data
Summer School Rostering Considerations
Year-to-Year Transition Considerations:
Download 2018 End of Year Checklist

End of Year Best Practices: Student Achievement Manager (SAM)

SAM Technical Implementation Guide
Discontinue Auto Imports
Export Data
Promote Students
Back Up And Store Database Files (Local SAM Servers Only)
Use Clear School Roster Function in SAM (Optional)
Manually Update Student/Teacher/Class Information
Decommission Servers As Needed (Local SAM Servers Only)

The Benefits of Switching to SFF

Why switch to SFF?
The current benefits of SFF include:
New features for SFF Rostering you might want to consider:

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